Why yes, yes I do have a monument dedicated to me … eh, not! But General Wolfe from the battle of the Plains of Abraham does.

There was a demonstration near the rue Cartier which of course meant a police presence … there were several doing traffic duty while others on their bikes, accompanied the marchers.

police motorcyclist, Quebec City

You want a tower, we have a tower … a Martello tower, one of three on the plains of Abraham here in Quebec City.

historical Martello tower, plains of Abraham, Quebec City

This snap was taken at the weekend when I had to run a few errands, it’s a mural on the back of an old garage that no longer exists.

colourful wall mural, rue st. joseph, quebec city

Okay, I’m not sure an adult would be seen dead wearing this but maybe someone under the age of 15? You would have to have a manic love of Marvel comic books.

a wacky marvel comic book cover men's suit displayed in a window

Her majesty may have passed but is not forgotten here, in a tiny corner of downtown Quebec City where, hung in splendid glory in our only official English pub, is a great portrait of Lillibet (the late Queen Elizabeth II).

A large portrait of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Quebec City

I was out yesterday running errands and just happened to be in the St. Joseph’s area so stopped by the church to take this shot.

St Joseph's church downtown Quebec City

I was downtown in the city and stopped in at Benjo a large department store sized toy store to buy a guft. Out front sits Benjo the frog.

Benjo the frog outside Benjo toy store, Quebec City

It’s officially snowing here today … okay, so maybe it’s not real winter snow, but, in fact, cottonwood seeds blowing on the breeze.

cottonwood seeds floating in the sky

During my walkabout this weekend, I stopped in at the Musee National des Beaux Arts du Quebec—or, for those of us who speak English say, the Art Museum—for a morning cuppa. They have an amazing new pavilion, atrium, and cafe part of which you can wander around for free.

Musee National des Beaux Arts du Quebec

This is another shot from Saturday’s walkabout out on the Plains of Abraham, this is looking south across to the water fountain and, beyond, to the south shore of the St. Lawrence river.

On the Plains of Abraham, Quebec City

Some more shots from yesterday’s walkabout, buildings I passed on my way to the Plains of Abraham.

a classic white historic house from 1849 an unusual look-out tower atop an historic building a church tower surrounded by lush spring greenery

I saw these lovely looking flowers walking past the garden of a historical building yesterday, though I have no idea what the flowers are called, they look amazing.

delicate white bluebell shaped flowers amid lush green foliage

Here’s a close up of one of the lampshades art installations.

a more detailed close-up of the lampshade art installation, rue cartier, quebec city

On the rue Cartier, a great place for boutique shops, restaurants, and bars, they have some of the summer art installations up, including a series called, The Lampshades.

a light art installation called the Lampshades, rue cartier, quebec city

The lilac shrubs and dogwood trees are all in bloom after the last few days of sunshine.

a dogwood tree heavy with white blossoms

While we were out doing retail therapy today, we were at the art supplies store and, saw a couple of young men sketching at one of the art stations … the tall one left this behind on the table.

an animae sketch of a young woman in blue and green inks. she has a plaster on the bridge of her nose

Just across from the local school, and around the block from my building is a little library. It’s always full of books too.

little library

I saw this while waiting to cross the road and snapped it. Birch tree bark always fascinate me.

birch tree bark

From this weekend, a beautiful blush of bluebells in a random garden.

spring bluebells